Coterie Concepts was founded in 2014 by Ms Tay Eu-Yen & Ms Sandra Sim.Having known one another since their teenage years, the duo separately ventured into the nightlife / F&B scene before coming together to create Coterie Concepts.

Driven by their passion for Asian cuisine & their admiration for concept bars, Yen & Sandra felt an absolute compulsion to combine the two. So they set out to plug a gap in the market by creating trendy bars that served good Asian food instead of the usual western bar grub.

And Coterie Concepts was born.




In line with its vision, Coterie Concepts has developed a unique branding strategy that it terms the "coterie narrative". This strategy focusses on literally conjuring a world of Asian-centric entertainment by writing an elaborate fictional plot involving multiple characters, after which each of its bars is named.

The coterie narrative brings each bar to life by giving it a character's name, backstory, setting & personality. The characters, are all interlinked in the narrative, giving deeper meaning to the phrase "sister bar". The tagline for each bar spells the title of a chapter, hinting at a sub-plot.

By doing this, Coterie Concepts has created a world of its own, increasing customer engagement & tightening its hold on the bar goers. Everybody wants to know what happens next & which new character will be launched.